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    Coming back into town, from Docksides,


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    Coming back into town, from Docksides,

    Post  Cassette on Thu Oct 13, 2011 5:26 pm

    is Cassette. The healer comes up the building at a light jog, cycling the wards, and smiling to Zeke and DeSala.

    "Sorry about you guys not getting to go visit Kalei again. I heard Karn turned down the idea." She walked into her room, closing the door behind her. You hear the sound of clothing, the clunk of boots, and then some thumping, as Cassette curses aloud from behind the door. You hear some light jingling, and what also sounds like coins hitting the floor.

    "Damm it all!" As the door creaks open a few moments later, you see Cassette crouched down, picking up the last of her coins, and toss a handful of silvers and golds into her pouch. She grumbles to herself, exiting the room with a serious expression, concentrated. She slides one belt on over her head, shimmying into it as she walks, and then hops on one foot, pulling her boot on tightly. She brushes some dust off of her dress, pulling it down a bit.

    She was no longer wearing her leather straps and deep blue gown. She had donned her red and black dress, laced up the front with black, through golden grommets. She tugs on her sleeves as well, the edges of the fabric sewn with a golden trim. She lets out a breath it seemed she had been holding, as she stood up straight, making sure her weapons were secured in her belt, before she waved to the two guardians and cycled the wards once more, exiting the guild building.

    "I'll be back soon!" She called out,tucking her red spellbook into her pouch before she took off at a light jog once more, towards the tavern.

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