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    Coming in at a run from the tavern,


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    Coming in at a run from the tavern,  Empty Coming in at a run from the tavern,

    Post  Cassette on Tue Nov 08, 2011 10:50 am

    the crunch of the gravel and the stomping of her boots can be heard, as Cassette head for the guild building, calling out, "Healer's Guild! Anyone here?"

    She stops outside the wards, cycling the outer ward to catch her breath, and stops. She listens for a moment, hearing the sound of snoring, and her expression registers the shock and excitement that bubbles up within her, "Oh Karn! You're here!" She cycled the inner ward and rushed inside, dropping her weapons on a spare bed, running to her room a moment, shutting the door behind her as you hear a few crashes and bangs and noises from behind the door.

    Some more cursing, some humming, and some more thuds and the sound of fabric and clothing flying across the room. Upon opening the door again, Cassette reappears with what looks to be a bag of her belongings on her back, her one usual pouch on her hip, dressed now in all black- black pants, tucked into her brown boots, a black shirt under her black sweater and her black and pink scarf wrapped around her neck, her hair tied up, and her face looking a little tired, as she grabs her weapons from the bed, sliding them into her belt as she walks up to Karn's doorway.

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