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    almost sprinting up to the guild...


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    almost sprinting up to the guild... Empty almost sprinting up to the guild...

    Post  Shine on Wed Apr 08, 2009 2:17 pm

    ... an out of breath shine, enters the outer ward.
    "mommy i'm home!" she grins at the ex-ring-tailed-fuzzy-butt and collapses in a nearby chair.
    after a few moments, she gets up and goes inside to her room and returns with a large blanket and without her cloak. she wraps up and says "my business went well kaeli.. i think i've convinced a few old friends to come for a visit. i also have a few friends from back home who are looking to make a small settlement within the 'oasis'. i told them for now they can use the bit of land i still own in solace to set up shop. they'll have to clear away what's left of the du vale manor, but that shouldn't be too much of an issue. i just need to stop by and let my old neighbors know what's going on."
    she shivers beneath her blanket.
    "okay yeah... i'm thinking i should probably make us a huge pot of stew in a bit. i think i have some leftover deer meat eli and lamont hunted down for us..."

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    almost sprinting up to the guild... Empty Re: almost sprinting up to the guild...

    Post  Kalei on Thu Apr 09, 2009 10:10 pm

    The sylvan healer laughs at the "mommy" comment. "Hello Shine, good to see you. Glad to hear business went well."

    Folding more bandages, Kalei nods. "That would be wonderful. Let me know if you need help on that project."
    The sylvan then places her burdens down and grabs another blanket for Shine. Wrapping it about the other woman, Kalei says "Deer meat..ah, *a bit of a grimace then a laugh* no, I think stew would be lovely. Perhaps I can go with Moss to the tavern and get some bread and vegetables to go with it."

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