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    Walking towards the outer ward of the healers guild.....


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    Re: Walking towards the outer ward of the healers guild.....

    Post  Alphonse on Mon Sep 06, 2010 9:34 pm

    Alphonse nods his head quietly for a moment then looks at two.

    "I believe the whole problem with anything is that we are not only dealing with the Tyrant King, but we are caught in so many positions with so many people, such as the Lizardmen that appeared, or the Star King items. Not to mention things that happen directly among us, such as Remmi's eye, or politics among guilds and clans."

    Alphonse sighs thinking of the event that made him leave the Oasis for three months.

    "Regardless, we try to help everyone. I just recently found out why Shadowmoor existed, let alone everything else. I was on the ships when it happened and all I knew was that the tides had changed and the wind was blowing in a curious direction."

    He glances to his orb as he says, "I try to keep all eyes on the future. My own race has things to deal with such as the..." He grimaces as if he's about to heave, "Black Sail Sampan... Those who deny our culture and seek to destroy everything that we stand for. I recently saw a vision of them having the possession of a Grey Elf's airship and found out that there is a war that even the Elders of our clans will not tell us about."

    He growls deeply while he exhales.

    "It is known that a Sampan would rather kill than be rude. And for the actions of these beings, there is no polite words for them."

    He looks up and his smile returns.

    "However, it is life. I willingly came here to help for there are people here who have become as family to me. We have stood beside one another and stood strong. I will not flee now. Not as I did before. I plan to now prove myself as a member of the Healer's Guild."

    He bows to them both.

    "Well, safe winds, gentlemen. I am going to return to the tavern to see if there is any current developments. The gather is coming soon and things have a way of capsizing around now."

    He bows again in farewell, cycling the wards and walking to the Tavern.


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    Re: Walking towards the outer ward of the healers guild.....

    Post  peachmarine87 on Mon Sep 06, 2010 10:44 pm

    Turning to the knight "I understand that I am new to this place, and as a new person I will keep to myself my thoughts for the time being, but if you need someone to talk about this with I will be around for awhile."

    While Alphonse is talking Henri looks very intrigued by what he is saying. As the sampan walks out the ward Henri gets up from his chair bows and says " good luck with your travels, if there is anything you need before,during or after the gather just come find me."

    Sitting back down Henri turns back to Sir Alexander "sounds like this place is perfect for someone like me. There seem to be many problems that can be dealt with, and the people I have met seem very nice. Like I told you in the tavern I shall talk to Sir Ryan once he comes into town about becoming an armor smith for your group. And I will need to talk to someone in the Celestial guild, for materials and scrolls for me. But you Sir Alexander, you have found yourself a new friend and if the time should ever come that you find yourself in a situation that you need dealing with you can call on me. Same goes for the young one we were just talking to, as I did not catch his name."


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    Re: Walking towards the outer ward of the healers guild.....

    Post  Alexander on Tue Sep 07, 2010 9:09 am

    Turning to Alphonse, "Good journeys my friend." as Alphsone leaves the guild.

    Turning back to Henri.
    "You can never have too many friends. I am honored. Talk to Rax for your elementalist needs. I think he has officially taken the guild second position so he should have access to what you need if the celestial guild has it in stock.
    Unfortunately for Shadowmoor, we are resource depleted at present. Barely the iron to run the armory, and I know the healers and mages guild are low on supplies as well. If I come across any celestial scrolls, I will let you have dibbs on them. I got some starlite dust or something like that, haven't found the use of the components yet, but if you need them, they are yours.

    Well hopefully Sir Ryan will be getting into town soon. I must head back to the Order compound to do some work and finish some Earth magic training I have begun. Take care Henri, if you need anything, you know were to find me. Good journeys." Alexander says as he stands up and gets everything situated and walks out as the wards cycle back up behind him.

    "Oh, Henri, just ask De Sala to cycle the wards for you." Alexander yells back.


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    Re: Walking towards the outer ward of the healers guild.....

    Post  peachmarine87 on Wed Sep 08, 2010 12:52 am

    As Sir Alexander walks off towards the Order compound Henri get his things together. Looking out into town he sees nothing coming towards him. He steps towards the outer ward and asks De Sala to cycle the ward for him. Once he steps outside of the ward he walks off towards low town.

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    Re: Walking towards the outer ward of the healers guild.....

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