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    (from sunday morning) No sign of Cassette


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    (from sunday morning) No sign of Cassette

    Post  Cassette on Wed Apr 13, 2011 10:41 pm

    OOP: I sent a text to Larry, Eliza, and Patrick, in reference to a note I didn't get to make the phys rep for. This is what I sent, just to clarify, since she's not back in town yet.


    You all wake up to see no sign of Cassette. The bed is made and immaculate, and it looks like she's been gone since early morning (about two hours after the field battle that ran til 3am). There's a note on the bed, scrawled in neat yet hurried script;

    "Dear Friends,

    I need some time to collect myself and re-evaluate some things. I apologize for such a hasty and unannounced leave. Many thanks to you all. You fought and defended this town bravely, and I promise to return soon.

    Much love,

    As of today, the note remains on the bed, unless someone has touched it.
    The plain piece of parchment sits beside her pillow.

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