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    Coming to the porch (posted with player permission)


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    Coming to the porch (posted with player permission) Empty Coming to the porch (posted with player permission)

    Post  Kalei on Tue May 04, 2010 11:41 pm

    is a large human man, wearing a long navy duster and a battered black leather hat. He holds a shield on his right arm and a large sword in his left. A haversack is strapped to his back and he has a smile on his face.

    "Hey Desala, my wife inside?"

    Kalei perks up a bit and looks to the doorway. She wipes her face and nods to Desala. "Its my husband. Please let him in."

    The fighter walks inside, smiling at Kalei and nodding to the others. Then his smile fades. Looking to the healer he nods. "Let me get these things out of my hands and I will be with ya directly. 'Sides, looks like that young elf *nods at Alphonse* needs to talk to you first."

    Bear walks into Kalei's room. After a few minutes he returns with a pipe, and he sits down to smoke and wait for his wife to be available. His eyes gaze on his wife with a tender and protective look.

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